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Promote D&I in Corporate Communications with Udency.

Elevate diversity and inclusion (D&I) in your corporate communication with Udency. Our advanced platform precisely assesses D&I practices by meticulously analyzing your company's textual content.

We understand the powerful impact of words in shaping values, and our Deep Learning and Computer Vision system recognizes expressions related to diversity and inclusion.

You can identify strengths and areas for improvement in audience communication, ensuring a strong commitment to inclusivity and equitable representation. With Udency, you'll empower your corporate communications to make a positive impact, showcasing a genuine dedication to D&I. Our platform not only enhances audience engagement but also bolsters your reputation, positioning your company as a D&I leader.

Join Udency today to reinforce your unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion in corporate communications.

Estimating Posts and Individuals

Quantitative Analysis of Post and Video Audio Content in Relation to D&I Values
Quantitative Estimation of Individuals Mentioned in Posts Based on Gender.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis: Obtain Powerful Insights from 'Positive' and 'Negative' Posts.
Gather data, label, evaluate with our advanced NLP model, and make informed decisions to enhance your inclusion strategy. Maximize impact with D&I Sentiment Analysis!


Emotion Analysis and Evaluation of Emotions Evoked by 'Positive' and 'Negative' D&I Posts. Uncover the genuine emotional resonance of your D&I messages!

Steer Your Success with the D&I Quadrant: Assess, Elevate, and Beat the Competition with Inclusion and Diversity!

D&I Quadrant

The groundbreaking analysis tool that aids in enhancing corporate communication in terms of Diversity & Inclusion, offering the ability to benchmark one's strategy against the competition.