Stay connected to the world, but do so mindfully. Both advantages and disadvantages are just a click away.

A well-thought-out strategy and consistent communication can aid in maximizing the benefits and alleviating the drawbacks of social media communication.


1. Quick feedback

Social media enable nearly instantaneous feedback from users, delivering valuable insights into content perception and reception.


2. Affordable costs

Compared to traditional media, social media often provide a cost-effective opportunity for promotion and advertising."


3. Flexibility

Social platforms offer the chance to experiment with diverse content formats, inspiring creativity in corporate communication.


1. Reputation risks

A single controversial post or negative comment can severely damage the company's image and necessitate careful management.


2. Dependency

A negative algorithm change or suspension of the corporate account on a platform can adversely affect visibility and the effectiveness of communication.


3. Information overload

Social media can act as a distraction for users, who may be inundated with an excessive amount of information, making it difficult to stand out with their own content.

Udency's technology.

Advanced Assessment of Visual and Textual Communication using Deep Learning and AI.

Through the utilization of Deep Learning and AI models, Udency is capable of quantitatively evaluating the quality of the company's visual and textual communication, analyzing the nature of expressed concepts, and tracing the resulting audience response.

What do we perceive and what does Udency observe?

Thanks to its platform, Udency offers an objective and data-driven evaluation of communication through Images, Videos, or Texts.

D&I Quadrant: View and Compare!

The D&I Quadrant is an analytical tool that enables the visualization of the company’s communication position in terms of Diversity & Inclusion. With an additional package, you can analyze competitor communication and display it on the same quadrant.