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Scientific excellence and technological expertise at the service of your data-driven challenge

With Udency and Deepleey, a fair and sustainable future is possible!

Udency is an application developed by Deepleey, an innovative startup founded in 2022 in Genoa. The application leverages the potential of computer vision and data analysis techniques to uncover and highlight Diversity and Inclusion in your corporate communication.

The focus on sustainability, both environmental and social, has grown in recent years. Investors and entrepreneurs have recognized the importance of considering not only financial parameters but also extra-financial factors, such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), in the decision-making process.

In this context, Udency and Deepleey’s Decision Intelligence solutions offer business stakeholders innovative tools to analyze and improve diversity, inclusion, and sustainability within organizations. With increased transparency and a deeper understanding of data, the application supports positive and conscious change in the corporate and social realms.

Our core values are:

Our target audience

Organizations committed to reducing the environmental and social impact of their activities and seeking innovative solutions to promote sustainability.
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Companies focused on sustainability
Organizations eager to harness cutting-edge technologies like computer vision and data analysis to optimize their operations and make well-informed decisions.
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Technology-innovative companies
Forward-thinking organizations that prioritize the promotion of an inclusive work environment, valuing and respecting diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and identities.
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Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion
Organizations that consider environmental, social, and governance factors in their decision-making processes, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and sustainability.
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Companies that embrace the ESG approach

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  • Which companies are most attentive to Diversity & Inclusion?
  • How does your company compare to competitors in this field?
  • How to incorporate Diversity & Inclusion into the portfolio?

Embrace our application: Diversity, Inclusion, and Success together!

We are pleased to offer you the chance to explore our application through our Demo version. Contact us to request access and experience firsthand all the features and benefits that our app has to offer. We will be delighted to assist you in your discovery journey!